Twoeyes Growth Advisors brings together a virtual team of highly experienced strategic, operational, technical, commercial and investment specialists who provide outstanding clarity to help small, medium and large (private, public and not-for-profit) organisations unlock their potential.

The Twoeyes team of Growth Advisors works closely with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Boards and CEO’s to prepare their organisation for successful transformational change, strategic growth, capital raising and exit (typically a trade sale or Management Buy Out) or succession.

Unlike most business consultants and advisors, we understand first-hand what it means to own and grow a business. Twoeyes team members are not just specialists in their respective fields: as entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we have first-hand experience of the demands of growth in small, medium and large companies. We have personally undertaken strategic operational growth projects, capital raisings, trade sales and mergers and acquisitions. As a result, we can offer Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Boards and CEOs’ clarity, empathy and insights that only hard-won personal experience can bring.

Whatever the assignment, Twoeyes’ focus is clear: achieve a strategic business position that is unique and sustainable, improve operational performance and reduce business risk resulting in greater benefits to key stakeholders and a significant increase in the value of shareholders’ equity.

By combining the principles of Private Equity, Venture Capital and Strategic Operational Planning with first-hand entrepreneurial and executive-level experience, Twoeyes offers clients a unique approach to business consulting.

Conor McKenna

Managing Director

BA, EDBP, GDBA, MBA(Adv)(Strategy), CEPA, Churchill Fellow

Conor McKenna is founder and Managing Director of Twoeyes. He is a recognised specialist in strategy, operations, venture capital, private equity and exit planning for small to medium-sized enterprises.

As a strategic adviser and non executive director, Conor works closely with entrepreneurs, business owners, boards and CEO’s in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors to make their companies and organisations more valuable.

As a venture-backed entrepreneur, business owner, company director and strategic advisor, he has a 30-year career founding, growing, directing, advising and exiting small to medium-sized companies.

To date, he has been the managerial driving force behind 7 businesses, raising venture capital on 2 occasions and paving the way for 5 exits.

Robert James Elrington

Executive Mentor

A professional speaker and published author of two business books, Robert brings more than 40 years commercial experience to his mentoring of Twoeyes clients – being committed and dedicated business owners and executives of growth-oriented small to medium-sized businesses.

Robert is the former founder and Executive Chairman of a publicly-listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange. As a business owner, Robert has experienced both great business success and life-defining commercial challenges.

Robert brings great empathy to the business owners he mentors – because he has always been one.

Andrew Phillips

Revenue Growth Specialist

Andrew Phillips is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs, business owners and executive management teams. For more than 20 years, he has worked with a wide range of clients locally, nationally and internationally. He has built and sold several international businesses. He is particularly experienced in executive coaching and motivation, leadership training, team building, talent-attraction and skill development – with a primary focus on value growth for business owners. Andrew’s particular speciality is training high-performing corporate sales teams and developing and executing sales strategies and tactics that drive recurring revenue growth.

Andrew offers Twoeyes’ clients customised training solutions and specialises in a cost-effective ‘train-the-trainer’ model. This means that in-house experts are empowered to tailor the training content to the specific needs of their organisation and team members.

Andrew has the experience, skills, tools and resources to help business owners to identify, protect, build, harvest and manage the value of their business. He is dedicated to helping Twoeyes’ clients make their companies more valuable.