Fixed Rate Project Pricing

By preference and whenever possible, Twoeyes will quote a fixed rate for a well-defined project with clear objectives. Fixed Rate Project Pricing aligns the client’s goals with those of the Twoeyes Growth Advisors to get to the best solution, cost effectively and quickly.


Hourly Fees and Daily Rates

Hourly Fees and Daily Rates are used for all open-ended consulting (in person and on telephone), teleconferencing and short-term coaching and mentoring engagements. In these instances, an hourly fee will be quoted on a responsibility basis (ie the nature of the work and the charge rate of the Advisor). Hourly fees and daily rates are charged on a sliding scale depending on the situation and volume of work. Small projects are charged at the higher fee/rate and larger projects discounted to the lower fee/rate.


Fixed Retainer Fees

Much of Twoeyes Growth Advisory Services are provided on a Fixed Retainer Fee basis, which is payable monthly in advance. A Fixed Retainer Fee arrangement is used to reserve a senior advisor for a certain number of hours per month. A priority time commitment & response turnaround is provided by the advisor to the client.

Highly ‘bespoke’ in nature, Twoeyes Growth Advisory Services are reserved exclusively for the Entrepreneur, Business Owner, CEO or Board of the Client organisation. Clients engaging Twoeyes under the Fixed Retainer Fee arrangement get an additional discount, applied at the sole discretion of the advisor retained by the Client.

Providing a completely customised and personal service, the Retained Advisor model is an efficacious, valuable way for clients to gain priority access to the intellectual property and corporate resources of Twoeyes. It is also an efficient way to access the strategic intellect, personal experiences and valuable network of contacts of its senior advisors at the most economical cost. As such, it gives clients ultimate certainty and comfort in the knowledge that there will not be any unpleasant surprises in store. It also allows clients to plan and budget for the future.

Retainers can be in the form of monthly, quarterly or longer periods and are structured to closely match the personal needs of the client and the demands of the assignment.  A close track of hours is kept, overages are rolled forward and billed accordingly and under usages are noted to either suggest added implementations or, at the end of the Engagement, to change the Arrangement to something more in keeping with client need. Clients are advised, however, that unused time does not accrue. Clients are also encouraged to maintain regular contact with their Advisor, (within reason) to maximise their return on funds invested.

Monthly retainers vary in price according to the nature, time-commitment and degree of intellectual and strategic challenge of the assignment.

A Full Monthly Retainer Fee will typically cover all project costs over the term of the agreement at a significant price discount to Twoeyes’ standard hourly fee for a senior advisor. A minimum of 3 months duration is required to reserve a senior advisor on a full monthly basis, payable monthly in advance.

A Partial Monthly Retainer Fee can also be structured to apply substantial discounts to project fees. For Partial Monthly Retainers, a minimum of 2 months duration is required, payable monthly in advance. Once the project has been successfully delivered, clients typically reduce their requirement to a Basic Monthly Retainer Fee thereafter.

A Basic Monthly Retainer Fee is a low-cost way for clients to contact their advisor directly to their mobile phone, text, email or in person/Skype if needs be, to discuss problems and issues, pose questions and seek opinions and counsel.

Effectively an ‘On Call’ service available 24/7 (within reason), the arrangement provides the client with priority access to an objective, empathetic and experienced “ear” at the time it is needed. When the advisor is unavailable, a response to any message will be provided at the advisor’s earliest possible opportunity. A minimum retainer of 1 month’s duration is required, payable in advance.

Under the Basic Monthly Retainer Fee structure, clients are able to use Twoeyes senior advisor as a sounding-board but not as a resource to implement projects. In this instance, clients are provided with a separate ‘Consulting Services’ proposal at a fixed rate, or on an hourly basis, as agreed.


Equity in Lieu

From time to time, Twoeyes may take minority equity positions in client companies in lieu of a fee for advisory work or to assist emerging entities.

Important Notice:

Twoeyes reserves the right to charge for all travel and transit time at a rate equal to half the Hourly Fee or Daily Rate, as applicable.

For more information on how we charge, please contact Twoeyes Managing Director, Conor McKenna, directly on 0402 264 670 or email [email protected].