World class organisations use operations as a competitive weapon – think Dell or Nike. If you want to beat your rivals, create exceptionally satisfied customers, significantly impact revenues and substantially increase profit margins, you must seek to improve your operational efficiency and enhance the quality and consistency of your output.

Twoeyes Growth Advisors can help you improve operational efficiency and get focused on doing the right things right. We can help you increase effectiveness by improving business processes and installing measurements wherever possible.


By linking strategy to operations and strategically integrating business process, people and technology, your organisation can make more effective business decisions, drive higher levels of efficiency organisation-wide, have positive and lasting impact on customer satisfaction and exponentially increase company value.


Twoeyes Approach to Operational Improvement

Operational improvement enables businesses to increase effectiveness (leading to increased profitability) by understanding, optimising and aligning strategy with business processes and operational activities to maximise output and strategic impact.

Twoeyes believes that operational improvement is about understanding, optimising, and aligning the operational business activities and processes to a common set of goals and objectives, which are in turn linked to business strategy.

Importantly, Twoeyes view is that business processes are designed and built for the purpose of driving operational improvement and profit to your bottom line, not for the purpose of meeting audit or certification requirements.

Twoeyes believes as organisations become more informed about enterprise-wide operational improvement initiatives, agreement on the philosophical and strategic imperative aligns business intelligence and business process management. This approach helps organisations develop a comprehensive framework to link employee effectiveness with the results of operational processes.

How Twoeyes Can Help

It is critical for companies to improve performance of their people and operational processes in order to increase business effectiveness and efficiency. Operational improvement requires new methods and techniques for monitoring and measuring so companies can fully understand, optimise and align business processes.

Twoeyes equips organisations to look beyond the results from data-gathering and begin to understand the business process itself and its impact on operational improvements by:

  • Clearly linking business strategy to operational objectives and KPI’s
  • Improving operational and decision processes
  • Enhancing processes to optimise supply chain, sales, marketing, customer service, etc.
  • Establishing a foundation for consistent metrics
  • Utilising initiatives and goals/objectives that can align performance
  • Building operational performance processes
  • Building profile and competency metrics for operations
  • Providing performance visibility across the enterprise
  • Utilising simulation and modelling to enable operations improvements
  • Leveraging methodologies and tool frameworks for success
  • Applying methodologies that can improve operational effectiveness
  • Assessing human capital and available resources to be deployed against the right initiatives.

For a confidential, obligation-free discussion regarding how Twoeyes can help your organisation link strategy to operations and develop a unique competitive advantage, you are invited to contact Twoeyes Managing Director, Conor McKenna, directly on 0402 264 670 or email [email protected].