• You are seeking an experienced Board member with industry knowledge and contacts who can add shareholder value.
  • You are seeking a key hire to build out your executive team.
  • You need to revitalise your Brand and renew your Corporate Identity.
  • You need to review your existing Product Portfolio and develop an integrated on-line/off-line marketing communications strategy.
  • Your long-term strategy needs clarifying.
  • Your operational performance – from process to people – needs improvement.
  • You need to get the business ready for growth.
  • You need to prepare for exit or succession.
  • A trade sale or management buy-out/buy in may be on the horizon.

For a confidential meeting to explore how Twoeyes can help you clarify your strategic options, develop a powerful marketing strategy, improve operational performance, build your Board and executive team or prepare for exit/succession, you are invited to contact Twoeyes Managing Director, Conor McKenna directly on 0402 26 46 70.