In addition to our strategic advisory work, Twoeyes actively develops an equity portfolio of investee companies at various stages of development. While Twoeyes preferred approach is a flat-rate fee or retainer arrangement, from time to time, we may take minority equity investments in client companies as a fee for advisory work or to assist emerging entities.

In developing its portfolio of venture investments, Twoeyes takes an active equity position in quality early-stage ventures with the underlying potential to develop into well-rounded companies that:

  1. Have an owner-base who are seeking growth and who understand the possible need to leverage equity to maximise the wealth position of all shareholders.
  2. Have a provable business model with products and services that address a Tier 1 market-need in a potentially global market that is currently under-satisfied, with the model demonstrating substantial sales potential within 3-5 years.
  3. Can attract high-quality management, staff and board members.
  4. Can be leaders in their field.
  5. Are in emerging growth markets.
  6. Have proprietary technology/IP with compelling and sustainable competitive advantages that is or near market ready.
  7. High gross margins and a requirement for modest expansion capital.
  8. Have the type of risks that can be mitigated and/or removed during the venture development project.
  9. Satisfactory valuation and investment terms
  10. Have the potential to attract follow-on venture funding and/or have potential for substantial gains via a trade sale or IPO within 5 to 7 years.

For more information about our approach to equity investments, please contact Twoeyes Managing Director, Conor McKenna, directly on 0402 264 670 or email [email protected].