“I first had the pleasure of meeting Conor around 2001, when a colleague mentioned the “First Tuesday” networking meetings. I had tried many business networking events over the years, but had not been a fan. I was in awe of what Conor was doing – 200-400 of Adelaide’s business Who’s Who in amazing venues, all fully sponsored. I met so many contacts and clients through Conor’s initiative.

What Conor did with those networking events explains his success in his own ventures. He seems to intuitively know what will work within a business and what will not. But whatever does work, is backed up by immaculate processes and ongoing management. Like a Success Audit or Benchmark. Something we as business owners cannot be objective enough to see. Obviously, I would not hesitate to recommend Conor to any business seeking to actually profit from their initiative”.

Cathy Allington, CEO,

“From my perspective, Conor is an entrepreneurially of hearted, progressive, talented business leader and pioneer. Having known him for a number of years now and seen him as an Inventor (ZORK), venture-backed entrepreneur, strategic advisor to entrepreneurs and business owners and having strong connections with Entrepreneurs and Equity Investors (Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist), has further demonstrated his high capabilities. Together with his 30-year career as entrepreneur, business owner and advisor; a high level knowledge of what it takes to raise capital and grow a business; a long-term champion of the Venture community in South Australia, e.g. – First Tuesday, iBall, AVCAL, Business Development Council, Equity Club; he has abilities that would be a valuable contribution to the success of any business venture. Happy to endorse/recommend Conor”.

George Kraguljac
Founder and CCO
CommercialiseIT and the EDAD Technologies Trust

“I have had a professional working relationship with Conor for the past 10 years. During this time, Conor has, on numerous occasions, been willing to give of his time and expertise. His wealth of knowledge has been invaluable and greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Conor to anyone who is serious about personal and professional development”.

John Pullman
Business Consultant
L3 Consulting

“Conor is no stranger to some of the most influential and renowned entrepreneurs not only Internationally and Interstate, but throughout the South Australian business community. And it is no surprise when you consider his immense experience and skill set gained over 30 years from launching start up’s, inventing, venture funding and successfully selling ZORK to a US multinational. I find his logic coupled with his vast experience, as well as his generosity to be something that is a rare combination of attributes found in today’s leaders. Should you be fortunate enough in having the opportunity to engage Conor’s strategic advice and are seeking real results in improving your own business model like we have, then I could not recommend Conor McKenna more highly”.

Ingo Schroeder
Owner, Director
Master Franchisee
Cartridge World (Southern Region)

“I have known Conor McKenna for several years. As an entrepreneur he shows flair, imagination and grit. He knows venture capital inside out, top to bottom, in a detailed way which is relevant particularly to smaller business. He talks sense, he’s a generous collaborator and he knows the difference between discipline and ruthlessness”.

Larry Ellenwood
In Business Magazine SA

“Conor is an energetic professional who can connect dots, connect people and drive outcomes in a short space of time. I believe with his personal experience in business and his oversees study, he is one of the most qualified people in the small VC community in South Australia”.

Graham Wakeling
In Business Magazine SA

“Conor has an exceptional grasp on the financial and operational requirements for a successful venture. He produces astute and “sellable” marketing insights, which is a rare skill for an advisory consultant”.

Kimon Lycos
Founder and Director
Mihell and Lycos