Month: January 2019

Valuing Early-stage Ventures

Agreeing to a valuation of a young and growing business between the existing shareholders and the potential investor can be one of the most difficult issues in an equity investment deal. Valuing a company of any size is never easy but it is especially onerous if that company happens to …

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Reverse Due Diligence

Companies intending to market some or all of their equity in order to raise growth capital should be prepared for the significant amount of Due Diligence that an Angel, Venture Capital or Private Equity investor and their advisors may require before consummating an equity financing deal. A broad definition of …

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Team Sheets or Death Warrants

The Terms Sheet is perhaps the most important document the entrepreneur can get right. All else fall – or hangs – from it. The Terms Sheet sets out the basic framework for the deal. It can be a excruciatingly boring document to develop and read – particularly as the language …

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