Commercialisation is the process of making an idea or innovation a commercial reality. Getting your new ideas to market is one of the most difficult steps in the innovation process, especially if you’re introducing a completely new idea or concept.

Many innovations never make it beyond the research and development stage for a number of reasons ranging from lack of production capacity to the inability to raise venture funding and everything in between.

commTwoeyes commercialisation services include:

  • Idea analysis and diagnostic
  • Preliminary market research and market scoping
  • Commercial Viability Assessment
  • Commercialisation business strategy review and development
  • Business Plan development, review and refinement
  • Market Analysis and Marketing Plans
  • On-line and off-line Marketing and Branding Assistance
  • Assistance in identifying potential distributors, retailers and/or licensees
  • Product Presentations
  • Media Strategies and Promotion
  • Government Grant Applications
  • R & D Tax Concessions
  • Preparations for venture fundraising
  • Identification and introduction to Angel Investors
  • Investment pitch coaching
  • Investor meetings and deal negotiation
  • Investment documentation

When it comes to working with entrepreneurs seeking to commercialise new products or services, Twoeyes can claim personal experience in taking new and innovative technologies to the global market, having successfully commercialised a number of in-house projects, one of which raised over $10 million in grants and venture investment before being acquired by a larger industry player.

For a confidential, obligation-free discussion to explore how Twoeyes can help you successfully take your concept through the commercialisation stage and beyond, you are invited to contact Twoeyes managing Director, Conor McKenna directly on 0402 264 670.