Twoeyes Venture & Advisory is a boutique equity investment and strategic advisory firm based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Founded on the principle that business advisors must measure their success in terms of the increase in value of their client’s equity, Twoeyes business purpose is to make companies more valuable. We help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Boards and CEO’s to clarify and execute strategy; improve operational performance; reduce business risk and create value for key stakeholders.

As a strategic advisor, Twoeyes brings together a ‘virtual’ team of highly experienced strategic, operational, technical, commercial and investment specialists who provide outstanding clarity to help private, public and not-for-profit organisations reach their potential. By combining the principles of Venture Capital, Private Equity and Strategic Operational Planning with first-hand entrepreneurial and executive experience, Twoeyes offers clients a unique approach to business consulting.

As a venture investor, Twoeyes actively develops an equity portfolio of investee companies at various stages of development. While our preferred approach is a flat-rate fee or retainer arrangement, from time to time Twoeyes may take minority equity stakes as a fee for advisory work or to assist emerging entities.


Twoeyes’ first “Venture in Development”, ZORK, successfully commercialised a revolutionary wine closure technology, raised over $10 million in grant funding and equity investment and had manufacturing and distribution on 3 continents before being acquired in 2011 by Scholle Corporation, a major US multinational with distribution in 63 countries.


Since 2000, Twoeyes has been at the forefront of the Venture Capital, Private Equity and Business community in South Australia:

  • We are a Member of the Business Development Council of South Australia
  • We are a Member of the Australian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (AVCAL) and we founded its South Australian chapter
  • We co-founded the State’s largest network of owners, service providers and investors
  • We are a past winner and participant of the South Australian Enterprise Workshop
  • We co-founded the Adelaide University Entrepreneu’s Challenge
  • We are a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • We are a Member of the SA Association of Churchill Fellows.